Laughing Jack is an enemy in Creepypasta Land. He plays somewhat a bigger role than most Creepypasta characters in the game, as you encounter him twice. He first appears in Sally's room in the Theater, apparently playing with her. He next appears in The Protagonist's nightmares on the Fourth night. He then appears in the Boss Rush mode. Not much is known about Laughing Jack's past, but as it turns out in the "Lost Scenes" Jack used to be a nice clown that made people laugh in his laugh show (it is unknown what exactly is the laugh show. Do you just laugh in the the theater with him). At some point Jack possibly got bored of his job, and ended up discovering his torture fetish, causing him to become evil (and being generally okay with it).

Evasion Strategy Edit

During Laughing Jack's chase sequence, you are in a strange, looping forest area. Try to avoid the white tent-like outlines, as they act as obstacles, stopping you in your tracks. As you are running, it is important to keep your distance from Jack, but try to keep him on-screen. If you let him go off-screen, he will instantly reappear on the opposite side of the screen, and is very hard to get away from at that point. Look out for the Hexagram, it is your way out.

Trivia Edit

  • Laughing Jack is the only enemy in the game to feature a location that loops in his chase scene.

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