Masky & Hoodie are Creepypasta-related characters that appear in Creepypasta Land. They first appear in the abandoned house, providing some commentary about Ben and the flower in Sally's hair. They appear again in the bonus room on Day 07 if the player has achieved the Good Ending. They explain how the Minigames work and talk about installments in the Creepypasta Land series.

Trivia Edit

  • Masky and Hoodie are not Creepypasta characters. They originate from the Marble Hornets series of Slenderman videos.
  • Hoodie very oddly thinks that the flower in Sally's hair looks tasty.
  • They both stand right next to the can that the Black Medal is in in Bloo Dee's mansion. They could've possibly put it there.
  • Masky and Hoodie are probably the least well-known characters not of Lucas Boato's creation to appear in the games.
  • They are the only creepypasta characters, who do not attack or scare the player.

Gallery Edit

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