Mephi is an evil character in Creepypasta Land.

Day 02 Edit

He advises the Protagonist along with Ben not to go in the woods the Protagonist and Ben ignore his warning and proceed into the woods where they meet Slenderman and Samira.

Good Ending Edit

The Protagonist, Ben and Sally saw that Mephi turns out to be the demon Mephistopheles himself.

The Protagonist uses the Holy Powers to fight Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles then summons his servant Jeff the Killer who he had given god powers to fight the Protagonist for him. The Protagonist, Ben and Sally show their friendship is stronger and Jeff respected the Protagonist for having such power then he turns on Mephistopheles to attack him. Dee is chanting a spell to seal away Mephistopheles and Jeff to hell after that The Protagonist, Ben, Sally and Bloo Dee is happy that they saved the earth.