The Protagonist is a nameless character that you play as in the Creepypasta Land games. He/She has little to no personality traits and is likely just an avatar character for players to insert themselves in. The player can choose to make The Protagonist a boy or a girl at the beginning of the game but all that does is change the character's appearance and influences absolutely nothing else whatsoever. The Protagonist is best friends with Ben and Sally and son/daughter of Mom.

In Creepypasta Land it is revealed that the Protagonist is indeed being controlled by the player the whole time and is not actually his/her own being to disbelieving remarks from Ben and Sally. In the Good Ending, The Protagonist gains the "Absolute Holy Powers" and helps defeat Mephi (Now Mephistopheles).

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this character is whoever you call him beforehand in the name section where you name your character.

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